Where have I been?!

So I haven’t written in absolutely ages and I am so sorry! Its been almost 2 months now which i think is absolutely crazy and I am soooo sorry! There are so many exciting posts I have been meaning to put up but I just havn’t got round to it. It has of course been summer break so I have been away a lot, on one big holiday and then seeing lots of friends and family in between-I know that is no excuse for not putting anything up but I hope it can act as some sort of feeble explanation! How was your Summer?

As soon as I can I want to put up a back to school/stationery haul, I picked up various bits and pieces for the upcoming school year that I really want to share with you all however some of them have been ordered online, so until they arrive I can ‘t put up that haul!

My big holiday this year was to Menorca and I had an absolutely wonderful time! I didn’t take a lot of photos but if I do find any decent ones then I’ll be sure to update this and add them in! Have you been on any exciting holidays this year?

I know a lot of people are already back at school so I am not going to be doing a full back to school series as I know a lot of people do on their blogs/YouTube channels however I am thinking of doing a Christmas series in a few months time so let me know if that sounds like a good idea!! 

Finally I just want to say another huge sorry for my absence and from now on I will be trying to get back to my normal schedule of posting every Monday! I also want to wish anyone who is starting/has started a new School/College/University Good Luck!

Thanks for reading,


(Disclaimer: By mentioning my holiday I did not mean to brag or boast in any way, shape or form-I don’t go on lot’s of big, expensive holidays all year round or anything!!)


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