Where have I been?!

So I haven’t written in absolutely ages and I am so sorry! Its been almost 2 months now which i think is absolutely crazy and I am soooo sorry! There are so many exciting posts I have been meaning to put up but I just havn’t got round to it. It has of course been summer break so I have been away a lot, on one big holiday and then seeing lots of friends and family in between-I know that is no excuse for not putting anything up but I hope it can act as some sort of feeble explanation! How was your Summer?

As soon as I can I want to put up a back to school/stationery haul, I picked up various bits and pieces for the upcoming school year that I really want to share with you all however some of them have been ordered online, so until they arrive I can ‘t put up that haul!

My big holiday this year was to Menorca and I had an absolutely wonderful time! I didn’t take a lot of photos but if I do find any decent ones then I’ll be sure to update this and add them in! Have you been on any exciting holidays this year?

I know a lot of people are already back at school so I am not going to be doing a full back to school series as I know a lot of people do on their blogs/YouTube channels however I am thinking of doing a Christmas series in a few months time so let me know if that sounds like a good idea!! 

Finally I just want to say another huge sorry for my absence and from now on I will be trying to get back to my normal schedule of posting every Monday! I also want to wish anyone who is starting/has started a new School/College/University Good Luck!

Thanks for reading,


(Disclaimer: By mentioning my holiday I did not mean to brag or boast in any way, shape or form-I don’t go on lot’s of big, expensive holidays all year round or anything!!)


Summer Stir-fry!

The other day, I was at home and decided to whip up lunch for my mum and I. We already had some left-over chicken in the fridge, so I decided to go with a quick and simple stir-fry! As I started to gather my ingredients together, I decided to take a few snaps of what I was doing and now seemed like a good time to put them into a blog post! This recipe is fairly healthy but I’m not trying to say there’s nothing bad for you in there as the soy sauce is a bit salty!

Serves 2:IMG_0017

For the sauce
1 tbsp. of honey
3 tbsp. of soy sauce
3cm of root ginger/ a teaspoon or so of ground ginger
2 cloves of garlic

For the stir-fry:
A good amount of pre-cooked chicken chunks(1-2 breasts I would say), you can cook yours before you begin the recipe if you don’t have left-overs like I do!
Half a red onion
A good handful of spinach
Any other vegetables you have, my favourites are red peppers and sugar snaps-but we didn’t have any when I made this!
A stock cube(optional-I didn’t use one!)

Start off by placing you nests into a pan of boiling water on the stove and cooking according to the instructions of your packet. This is when you can add in your stock cube if you are using one, I find it adds a bit of extra flavour!

Meanwhile, prepare your vegetables, by chopping in to bite sized pieces. Rinse the spinach unless pre-washed but don’t chop it any smaller than the individual leaves.IMG_0018.IMG_0019

In a bowl, add together all the ingredients for your sauce, if using fresh ginger, you may want to mix them in a blender to ensure it comes to a smooth paste.


Now, in a large pan or wok mix together your chicken chunks, vegetables and sauce and heat through. Finally, drain your noodles when they are ready and mix everything around in the pan before serving up!






I hope this recipe was easy and useful-my mum and I certainly enjoyed eating it! See you next Monday for another post and don’t forget to leave me any suggestions in the comments!



Bored in Summer?

Hi! So, Monday has come back around very quickly and to be perfectly honest-I wasn’t too sure what to write about! But, seeing as summer is on its way, I thought I’d show you a few ways to have fun during summer without going on an expensive holiday-hope you like them!

If the weathers good, one thing I love doing with my friends is having a water fight! I know it might sound a simple option but it is honestly so often forgotten by people. Grab those water pistols and get out into our garden or to a local park(but don’t end up chucking water at random strangers!). Also, if you wanted, you can make your own DIY water slide sort of thing. I’ve done this many a time! All you have to do is grab a canvas sheet or a bin bag and spray your hose onto it from the top of a hill! Them slide down and enjoy your own mini water park!

Have a picnic! I love picnics, they are just a great way to catch up with people, appreciate the sun, and just generally enjoy yourself. Whip up a couple of salads and few sandwiches and throw in some fresh fruit and few cakes for good measure-a nice picnic doesn’t have to be complicated!

Camping is perfect in the summertime because everyone will enjoy it more if the weather is nice. You could go out to a local campsite or park(as long as you make sure you are allowed to camp there) or, just go in your back garden! Have a bonfire, roast those marshmallows and tell ghost stories-sounds like a perfect holiday-no?!

Get creative-there are lots of summer fairs going on in the summer so it’s a great opportunity to make some money at the same time! You can sew, paint, cook whatever you like but make sure its nice and summery! If you’d like a craft post let me know as I am bursting with ideas I would love to share with you. Also, get your friends involved-it is no fun doing crafts on you own so get everyone stuck in and before you know people will be making friendship bracelets and handmade cards left, right and centre!

Finally, I would say just make use of what you have around you. The whole point of this post was to show you that you don’t need an expensive holiday to have fun, and a big part of that is the fact that lots of us have great things to do in our local area! If you are lucky enough to have a pool nearby then grab some friends and head down there. Maybe you live in a hotter country and can go to the beach? Lots of people don’t have that opportunity so take advantage of it! And if you don’t have much around you, then just call up your friends or family and go out on your bikes or for a walk, if you’re with people you like then there will always be a lovely atmosphere!

I really hope these ideas are helpful for you! If you enjoyed this post then make sure you share it with your friends so that my blog can grow!



Getting motivated!

Hi guys! So, I’ve recently been trying to get a but more motivated to do some exercise-and to be honest, its not going so well! So, in an attempt to get a bit more active I’ve looked up some motivational tips and I thought I’d share them with you today! Also, these tips are mostly supposed to be for exercise but they could easily be  applied to anything you are trying to motivate yourself to do at the moment!


The first tip I picked up was to turn your everyday life into a workout. The best example of this is your commute. Whether that is walking, cycling, running or whatever else you could think of it will turn in to your everyday habit and you won’t even have to think about it! Plus, if you are worried about not being able to wash when you get there, why not take public transport there and run or walk back?


Making sure that you enjoy the way you workout is vital if you want to stay motivated. So I know this may sound a little obvious but I find that people can often forget this. Don’t push yourself to be part of the cricket team if you hate cricket or go along to a class that you’d rather not be at. Keep working to find a sport or workout you love and don’t give up. Pop along to taster sessions at clubs and gyms and with any luck you’ll find something that suit you!


My next one won’t work for everyone but I figured it would be a good idea to share it with you anyway, and that is to invest in some nice workout clothes. A lot of people seem to find it easier and more appealing to work out if they have a nice outfit to do it in. I know this might sound stupid, but various people have told me it helps! Also, picking up new clothes doesn’t have to break the bank-there are plenty of places that sell inexpensive yet still nice, bright and colourful clothes so have a hunt around and see what you can find!


I find things a lot more appealing when I know I will be doing them with people I love to be around.  So why not organise a weekly run with your friends? Or set-up a lunchtime club at your work or school? And if you don’t already know people who would want to work-out, then sign up to a  local gym class! I know working out in public can be scary for some people at first but hopefully as you improve and get to know people more you’ll be able to relax! Also, if you have other people to do your activity with, then you are less likely to avoid it, as you will be letting other people down!


Setting yourself achievable goals is key in an effective workout plan. Don’t challenge yourself to run a marathon in a months time-you’ll only end up injuring yourself or dropping out! Learn to build yourself up and don’t get impatient and be tempted to push yourself too far if you are not seeing improvements straight away. Over time, you will see changes-and remember that not all your progress will be physical, from getting fitter you should start to feel happier and healthier too!


Finally, it’s important to make your workouts interesting and mix things up a bit from time to time. If you do the exact same 20 minute core routine every week, you will begin to get bored and lack enthusiasm. I f you want, you can sign up to a random class every month or so to give you some inspiration, but if you are more of a stay at home exerciser, then I would say YouTube is your best friend! There are tons of different routines to have a go at so you are bound to find one that suits you!


I hope this was helpful for you guys, and if you’re trying to get motivated too then keep me updated with your progress or which tips worked for you in the comments section!


Thanks for reading,


Bye! Xx

(Sorry that this weeks post is coming to you on a Sunday! I’m very busy tomorrow and don’t have the time to upload!)


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Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog,

Hopefully you’ll be seeing lots of fun recipes, motivation posts, and perhaps a bit of beauty too on here! Basically I will be posting about whatever you want to see. I think I’ll be posting every Monday but I may have to veer of that timetable slightly if I’m too busy!To start things off I thought I’d do a bit of a get to know me sort of a thing. I don’t think I’ll be doing loads of tags on here but I figured it would be good for a first post, so here we go!

1) What was your favourite subject in school? I actually enjoy quite a few subjects, but particularly P.E, drama, Food Tech. and sometimes art and music!

2) What’s your favourite drink? Recently I’ve been loving homemade elderflower cordial, my dad and I made a big batch and it’s delicious!

3) What’s your favourite song at the moment? I’m not sure I could pick one but I’ve been really enjoy the album Hold Fast by The Crookes, they are a bit less well-known but I’d really recommend checking them out!

4) If you had children, what would you name them? I really like the names Rowan and Ezra, but if I had a girl, perhaps something like Maia.

5) Do you participate in any sport at the moment? Yes! I love going bouldering and I also do a bit of middle-distance running for school from time to time. I would definitely say climbing is my main sport although I’m always up for trying new things!

6) What’s your favourite book? To be honest I like a lot of different books but I recently read Divergent which was pretty good and I’ve just started The Fault in our Stars(bit late to the party-I know!)

7) What’s your favourite colour? Turquoise! It’s just really bright and fresh so it perks me up!

8) What’s your favourite animal? I’m always fascinated by birds and fish but the only pet I have is an adorable rabbit!

9) What’s your favourite perfume? I’m not a massive perfume addict but I do love wearing ‘Music’ by Harajuku Lovers.

10) What’s your favourite holiday? I’m not sure if this means public holiday or vacation, so I’ll do both! For public holiday it would have to be Christmas- its just a lovely atmosphere! And for vacation I would say when my family and I went to Sri Lanka-it was one of the best experiences of my life!

11) Have you graduated from High School? I don’t live in a country with ‘High School’, so this doesn’t apply to me!

12) Have you been out of your country? Yes, I’ve been to Sri Lanka, Scotland, Wales and France!

13) Do you speak any other languages? I’m studying German and French but I’m not very good at them!

14) Do you have any siblings? Yes, one brother who is two years older than me!

15) What’s your favourite store? I really like Topshop and places like that for clothing but I also have a bit of a weak spot for knick-knack typed shops!

16) What’s your favorite restaurant? To be honest I love trying out new places but there is a really nice South Indian restaurant we’ve been to a few times now and its amazing!

17) Do you like school? Yes, I like learning and it’s just a great way to meet new people!

18) Who are some of your favourite youtubers? So, this list could easily go on for hours, so I’d thought I’d try to narrow it down a little! EssieButton (and her vlog channel!), Ania Mags, Caspar Lee, Sprinkle of Glitter, Zoella, Joe Sugg/Thatcher Joe-and so many more!!

19) What’s your favorite movie? I really like a musical from time to time(Mamma Mia, Les Mis etc.)- but I am also guilty of watching girly chic-flics at sleepovers-like Angus, thongs and perfect snogging, Mean girls and so on!

20) What are some of your favourite T.V shows? To be honest, I feel like Youtube has kind of taken over my T.V recently, but I loved Sherlock when it was on, Broadchurch was amazing and occasionally a bit of Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother never did hurt anyone!

21) PC or Mac? Well, right now I have a P.C so i would probably say that!

22) What phone do you have? Just a simple Samsung at the moment-but I’m looking for a new one-any suggestions?

23) How tall are you? 5’3 and a bit I think! Although don’t take my word for it as I just attempted to measure myself with a tape measure!!

24) Any pets? Well I kind of mentioned this already but yes I have a black netherland dwarf rabbit!

So that’s it! The whole tag, I hope this wasn’t too long or boring but if you did enjoy it be sure to hit that follow button as I need all the support I can get! Also, if you have any ideas of blog posts I could put up then I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Bye! xx